10 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Are Completely Unnecessary

Just because you can make sequels to pretty much anything, it doesn't mean that you should.


Sequels are the lifeblood of Hollywood, which is something that's been blatantly obvious for a long time now, but announcing further adventures before the latest installment has even been released both removes any dramatic stakes and makes it abundantly clear that the filmmakers are holding back for repeat outings.

Too many movies these days are all setup and no payoff, which is the reason why so many proposed cinematic universes have failed at the first hurdle. The Dark Universe, King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword, Robin Hood, Power Rangers, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and countless others were so pre-occupied with letting us know that these movies were only a small part of a much bigger world and that there was so much more to come, they forgot to tell a decent enough story that would even convince audiences to come back for more.

Sequels aren't going anywhere, but they should at least happen organically or with good reason, other than simply trying to continue cashing in on a successful or popular property that has the all-important name recognition and brand awareness, that the studios continue to fawn over through a series of unnecessary follow-ups.


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