10 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Really Aren't Wanted

"I can't wait for sequels to Bloodshot and The Nun!" Said no-one ever.

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Though there are exceptions, the vast majority of movie sequels are part of franchises or cinematic universes that audiences actually care about.

After all, that's the main point of a sequel - to give people more of what they want - and whether it's Star Wars or Marvel or Mission Impossible (or even something smaller, like Knives Out), it's usually good news when we hear that a brand-new instalment has been given the green light.

"Usually" being the operative word there, because not all sequels elicit feelings of excitement or anticipation when we hear about them. Whatever the reason - maybe it's a follow-up to a terrible movie, or an additional entry in a series that feels like it's run its course - some sequels just have an ice-cold hype meter, and it's hard to grasp why the studio wrote a fat cheque for something that will probably die on arrival.

The current movie release calendar has a few cases like this, with a number of upcoming sequels that virtually nobody is looking forward to.

They might turn out to be awesome, but as of right now...they aren't exactly high on anyone's must-see list.

10. Night Has Fallen

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2013's Olympus Has Fallen was a really pleasant surprise, with its "Die Hard in the White House" formula making for a propulsive, tense, and brutal little action flick.

Due to strong word of mouth, this movie that nobody saw coming ended up making a cool $170 million off a $70 million budget, enough to warrant a sequel, London Has Fallen, which was followed by another sequel, Angel Has Fallen.

The next instalment was announced in November 2020, with star Gerard Butler set to return in the ominously-titled Night Has Fallen.

Why It Isn't Wanted

The Has Fallen series is a textbook example of a franchise that was never meant to be a franchise, but it just sort of happened, and everybody went "ok". Like Taken, The Transporter, and even Die Hard before it, the formula in the first film felt exciting and new, but it's continued to grow more and more stale with each passing sequel.

With diminishing box-office returns (Angel Has Fallen is the lowest-grossing entry to date), negative reviews from critics, and John Wick putting all other mid-level action franchises to shame, Night Has Fallen is a sequel that we really don't need to see, and Has Fallen is a series that should've ended a long time ago.


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