10 Upcoming Movies That Are Definitely Going To Bomb

Star Trek 4 and Dungeons & Dragons - Chris Pine is about to have a really bad 2023.

Haunted Mansion

In an ideal world, every single movie that comes out would be a work of cinematic genius, would be adored by fans and critics, and would deservedly go on to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box-office.

But unfortunately, we don't live in Oz, Neverland, or any other fantasy realm you care to name - we live in a world where many, many movies suck, and where lots of them fall on their faces financially.

2022 has already had its fair share of flops, with the likes of The Northman, Morbius, and Lightyear all failing to some degree (twice in Morbius' case), and looking ahead, there are plenty of other movies that look primed to join that not-so esteemed club.

Whether it's a huge tentpole that won't be able to recoup its hefty production and marketing costs, or a smaller flick that seems doomed to fly clean under the radar, there's no question that the rest of this year (and beyond) will feature several box-office bombs - and these are some of the movies most likely to suffer that fate.

10. Dark Harvest

Haunted Mansion
Tor Books

Though it's currently set for a theatrical release one month from now, you'd be forgiven for not knowing that Dark Harvest even exists.

Based on the 2006 novel by Norman Partridge, the story takes place in a small Midwestern town that is terrorized by a supernatural entity every Halloween. Outside the town's church, gangs of teenage boys await their chance to face this nightmarish creature, defeat it, and earn their ticket out of town.

Despite that strong premise, there's been a grand total of - and let us just check our notes here - zero marketing for the film, which is supposed to be coming out in September. At the very least, we should've had a teaser trailer by now, or even just a poster.

It reeks of a studio that doesn't have faith in the project, and with MGM now being owned by Amazon, we wouldn't be surprised to hear that Dark Harvest is going to be dumped on Prime Video instead, skipping its theatrical release entirely.

Alternatively, it's going to be bumped further down the line from its current September date. Either way, it's not going to make much money.


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