10 Upcoming Movies That Aren't What You Think

Halloween Ends won't be the end of Michael Myers.

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Generally speaking, it's in a movie studio's best interest to accurately sell you on the film you're about to see, rather than lying about it in the marketing and then dealing with legions of angry moviegoers complaining that it wasn't what they expected.

But surprises can be nice, especially if that surprise is something extra or better that audiences absolutely didn't see coming.

And so, for better or worse, these 10 major upcoming movies all have exciting, interesting, and straight-up eyebrow-raising secrets hidden in plain(ish) sight.

From digging into trailers, scouring interviews with the cast and crew, and even considering reliable leakers, these films all seem to be far and away from what most viewers will be anticipating.

For open-minded audiences it can certainly be a thrill to watch a movie that's nothing like you expected - if it's also good, anyway - and hopefully these 10 films will make good on their potential to be something quite different indeed.

Then again, it's quite likely that at least a few of these movies will be ambitious misfires that don't quite work. Hopefully not, though...

10. It's Not Just A Disaster Movie (It's Also Got Aliens) - Moonfall

The Batman Suit

You might be aware that disaster movie maestro Roland Emmerich has a new mega-budget tentpole due to release soon, Moonfall.

You couldn't be blamed for not paying too much attention to the marketing, though - it is an Emmerich film, after all - and failing to realise it's probably not the movie you and everyone else are expecting.

If the title and posters suggest Moonfall is literally just a sci-fi disaster movie about the Moon falling out of orbit and the consequent mission to save it, the trailers confirm it's actually about... aliens living on the Moon.

That's right, there's a mysterious extraterrestrial entity that's been hiding out on the Moon and is seemingly to blame for the Moon being knocked out of orbit.

It certainly looks like a Roland Emmerich movie for better and for worse, though it's just a shame that the marketing didn't keep the alien reveal a secret for audiences to ecstatically discover themselves on opening weekend.

This looks bonkers, and if it's sufficiently self-aware then it could be a fun, goofy time at the movies. Or, you know, absolutely terrible.


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