10 Upcoming Movies That Have Already Ignored Massive Mistakes

Wait... haven't we all been here before?

Hollywood is doomed to relive its own sins in a dangerous loop that would put the Human Centipede to shame. Thanks to the irresistible persuasion of the almighty dollar and the unthinking, Transformers loving hordes, originality is a thing to be cherished, as it comes at a premium. And it's not just the stories and properties themselves that lack originality: ironically, the films that rip-off or sequels or reboot invariably struggle with problems that we've all seen before. The same sins play out, the same mistakes are ignored, and audiences suffer the same frustrations in an perpetual loop. Looking forward to some of the biggest movies already on the bill for the coming years, it's actually possible to already predict what problems they will face, because of their genetic similarities with films that have been there before, got the miserable T-shirt and suffered the embarrassments. And unfortunately, these events have already been set in motion, and in some cases audiences are going to be forced to watch a car crash we already know is coming...
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