10 Upcoming Movies That Have Already Pissed Everyone Off

What does Loqueesha have in common with a Live-Action Disney remake? A horde of upset viewers.

artemis fowl

Sometimes movies are made that...were just, frankly, bad ideas from the start. Sometimes movies that sound bad turn out to be good, sure. But whether a film is actually good or bad when it eventually comes out one thing is for certain: A movie with a bad premise will definitely have a dirge of angry people before it even comes out.

Whether it's a case of the film exhibiting misogyny, racism, an unpopular opinion - or the lack of those things in some cases, people are going to be upset. Sometimes a movie is based on a beloved book or game franchise and the fans are upset because it differs from the original source, sometimes a movie is about abortion and just...everybody's upset about it, and sometimes Disney remakes a fairy tale, again, and nobody's sure how to feel about it.

Whatever the cause there's no shortage of films that have gotten the ire of its potential fanbase. Leave it to Hollywood to keep online petitions in vogue, right? A lot of times those people are justified, other times maybe not so much, but either way here's some movies coming out later in 2019 or beyond that already have people frothing at the mouth.


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