10 Upcoming Movies That Might Already Be Doomed

Death on the Nile has been torpedoed by Armie Hammer.

Dune movie 2021
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As much as audiences are chomping at the bit to enjoy the pent-up deluge of splashy, big-budget genre films which have been delayed due to the pandemic, it's also safe to say that many upcoming movies simply won't deliver on expectations - whether critically or commercially (or both).

Not every film can be a critical darling and a box office smash, of course, and while these results often end up surprising us all, sometimes the writing is also very clearly on the wall.

These 10 movies, all due to hit screens within the next year or two, bring with them some major baggage and question marks about the likelihood that they can actually deliver on expectations.

Whether the latest entry in a flagging franchise, a long-delayed project stuck in development hell, or a sequel that simply feels years and years too late, these films may well be circling the drain already.

Regardless of whether they're about to go before cameras or have been languishing on a studio shelf for months, you shouldn't be surprised at all if these films fall far short of what both audiences and the studio are hoping for...

10. John Wick 4 & 5

Dune movie 2021

Production recently got underway on the fourth John Wick film, which while being directed once again by Chad Stahelski - who has helmed all three prior movies - will sadly be the first film in the franchise not penned by Derek Kolstad.

Kolstad, largely considered the architect of the Keanu Reeves-starring action series, recently confirmed that not only will he not be returning for John Wick 4 and its planned sequel, but that it wasn't his decision to leave.

Kolstad stated in an interview that he wasn't invited back for the film, and though he harbours no ill will against those in charge, he does consider the decision "personal."

While it's certainly a relief that Stahelski is still in the director's chair, it's definitely concerning that the driving voice behind the series' story, and particularly its surprisingly deep and involving lore, is now gone.

As a result, could John Wick 4 become the point at which the wheels come off the IP and it ends up jumping the shark?

There's no reason not to expect thrilling action, but considering how invested fans are in the mythology of this world, it'd be a shame if the new creative vision didn't come up to snuff.

With John Wick 4 is being penned by Michael Finch - whose credits include the dubious likes of Hitman: Agent 47 and American Assassin - there's absolutely reason to be worried.


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