10 Upcoming Movies That Will (Probably) Tease Cinematic Universes

Could Joker's success kick off a shared universe?

Warner Bros.

In an industry that is currently being dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's no wonder that studios are hastily shuffling through their own franchise and property rights to cash in on their own possible expanded universes.

Although the only franchises to have come close to the MCU's success (so far) are the DC Extended Universe and arguably the Transformers franchise, both of which have had bumpy entries, you never know what could kick off the next big thing.

While superhero films are enjoying a lucrative time at the box office, the new age revival of the horror genre has surfaced as an unlikely competitor with these franchises, with James Wan's Conjuring franchise having already developed a long string of success with its reliable Annabelle spin-offs.

Additionally, if the future slate of studio films is anything to go by, audiences could be seeing a resurgence in video game adaptations, potentially stemming from this year's Detective Pikachu that, yes, it is possible to adapt a video game without being illiterate in filmmaking.

Regardless of the genre, these upcoming films over the next few years show the most potential for a new shared universe.

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