10 Upcoming Movies With Actors Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

These actors are all about to show you another side of them.

A Different Man Sebastian Stan

There's nothing quite like seeing an actor in a movie as you've never seen them before, whether simply playing totally against type or undergoing a major physical transformation that completely alters their appearance.

Actors clearly relish the challenge of disappearing into a character that makes them look hugely different or even renders them nearly unrecognisable, and audiences are similarly drawn to the incredible crafts involved in realising that transformation.

And while these transformations don't always work out - think Leonardo DiCaprio's iffy make-up job to play J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar - when they do work they can show us the true full extent of an actor's range.

These 10 upcoming movies, then, are primed to show us 10 actors in a wholly unexpected light, from donning ridiculous get-ups to playing real-life figures from history and pop-culture, and being piled under literally hundreds of pounds of makeup to look like anyone but themselves.

While it remains to be seen how the movies will turn out, in each case it's certainly eye-opening to see these actors adding totally different, attention-grabbing looks to their repertoires...

10. Owen Wilson - Paint

A Different Man Sebastian Stan
Silver Lining Entertainment

Owen Wilson will star in Brit McAdams' upcoming comedy Paint, and while you might assume from this single image that he's playing Bob Ross in a biopic about the beloved host of The Joy of Painting, that's actually not quite the case.

Rather, Wilson is actually playing a fictional character by the name of Carl Nargle, albeit one clearly heavily inspired by Ross.

Nargle is a legendary TV painter whose livelihood is threatened when the network hires a younger painter to save the channel's flagging ratings.

Given that Wilson hasn't varied up his look all that much throughout his storied career - he usually just looks like a pretty regular dude - it's undeniably jarring to see him kitted out in a bouffant perm, cowboy shirt, and jeans.

While it'd be a stretch to call him unrecognisable here, it is nevertheless a totally unexpected new look for the actor like we've never seen before. Even so, it's incredibly easy to imagine Wilson slinking effortlessly into the role of the serene, laid back artist.

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