10 Utterly Bad-Ass Movie Characters Who Ruled 2013

10. Katniss Everdeen €“ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The sequel may not have been particularly kind to some of the other returning characters €“ side-lining Haymitch too much, emasculating Peeta and almost immediately killing Lenny Kravitz €“ but we did get some reinforcement of Katniss as the coolest fantasy lead since Harry Potter. She was traumatised, politicised and idolised, transcending the usual heroic appeal of victorious characters to be a hero, and carry a franchise that otherwise might be hamstrung by its irresistible similarities to The Running Man and Battle Royale. And though there were more tears in her eyes, and more scars to break through, Katniss still proved her mettle by taking down rival tributes and the entire Hunger Games defence system using a bow and arrow (the second worst weapon in the series, behind Beetee's coil of wire.) She will likely be less of a bad-ass in the third and start of the fourth films in the series, given that the events of the book dictate that she becomes more symbol than actual tail-kicking heroine, until the world goes all to Hell very quickly, but for Catching Fire, she was still the outraged, fiery hero, thrust even further forward by the rising rebellions in the districts.
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