10 Utterly Bleak Post Apocalyptic Movie Worlds

9. Delicatessen

Children Of Men

An apocalyptic wasteland from the man behind the whimsically charming Amélie may seem hard to imagine, but that's precisely what is served up at this French deli.

Through the eyes of Jean-Pierre Jeunet (working here with co-director Marc Caro) the apocalypse is as full of cult-pleasing quirks as his romantic breakout hit. Only this time there's fewer garden gnomes and a lot more suspicious meat.

The world of Delicatessen is one in which an unnamed catastrophic event has left the world in ruins, the sky a constant shade of sickly yellow and food in seriously short supply. It's a world in which a dilapidated apartment building in the middle of the rubble can be dominated by its sinister landlord who doubles up as a butcher.

Somehow in an economy in which plain grains are the only source of currency and no livestock appear to exist, this deli always has a source of fresh meat. Which is a source of concern in itself even when you don't consider the rapid turnover of new tenants.

Lifespans in post-apocalyptic worlds are short enough even without having to worry about being your flatmates' next meal!


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