10 Villains That Should Be In Justice League (And Who Should Play Them)

It'll probably be Darkseid. But hopefully they look further afield.

DC are beginning to really ramp up their Avengers-beating Justice League two-parter, the first of which is due in 2017. Although it's still unclear which foe they'd be facing, there's a big suggestion that it's going to be Darkseid - after all, he is the biggest, baddest cosmic-level threat in DC Comics. Unfortunately, it would also be a bit of a lacklustre choice - for all of Darkseid's epic nature, he's a largely one-note character: it's all death - sorry, 'anti-life' - and destruction, and not a lot of pathos. For Warner Bros to really make an impact with their Cinematic Universe, they should have a villain that balances charm with malevolence, whilst also having compelling motivations and a strong sense of faithfulness to the comics. They need their Loki rather than their Ultron. They could accomplish this in a number of ways, by having several disparate villains in 'A' plots and 'B' plots. What better reason for the League to form than not just one huge threat, but two? Although 'too many villains' is usually a symptom of a bad comic book movie, the Justice League movies are one over-arching story split into two parts; that makes for at least five hours, tops. Sounds like more than enough time for two or more bad guys to me. Take a look at some of the villains who could make for great enemies to take on the entire Justice League - and let's not forget, there are seven powerful members in the League, so their enemy/enemies would have to be a credible threat to warrant inclusion.

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