10 Villains That Will Appear In New The Amazing Spider-Man Movies

Setting themselves up for a sinister movie...

Spiderman Morbius The Amazing Spider-Man universe has no shortage of bad guys. Already movie goers have been treated to the Lizard in the first film, followed by Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino in the second. Unfortunately, neither movie has really captured the imaginations or hearts of its following and although the villains have looked good (Lizard aside), they've hardly been inspiring. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also suffered from feeling like an overblown trailer for upcoming movies, especially the Sinister Six. Rather than Spider-Man being front and centre as he should be, it felt like the villains were top billing instead. The second film boasted three big bad guys from the Spider-Man universe, with Electro and Green Goblin taking major villain status and Rhino being shoehorned in at the beginning and end. Clearly Mark Webb had not learnt the mistakes of Spider-Man 3, in which too many villains certainly spoiled the broth. Throughout that second film we were also treated to winks and nods about future villains who would be appearing in the series. This involved a view of Doctor Octopus€™s mechanical arms and Vulture€™s wings, as well as characters such as Felicia Hardy and Alistair Smythe being front and centre. So, with the previously mentioned Sinister Six coming before The Amazing Spider-Man 3, it is guaranteed we will be meeting a whole host of new Spider-Man villains before his next solo outing. Will Sony decide to stick with the original sinister line-up or decide to mix things up somehow? Perhaps they will go down an entirely different route and leave us all surprised; there really is no knowing. So, let us take a look at 10 Villains who will appear in the Amazing Spider-Man movies at some point.

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