10 Vitriolic Films Built On Biting Satire

Cleaving their way through modern society with humour and criticism.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

The use of satire has long been a major component of the movie-making business; the broad flexibility of the art form has allowed for a wide range of subjects to be dissected. Some were done with humour, while others relied on a more serious tone that lay under the surface.

Terrorism, military intervention, casual racism and consumerism; these are just some of the many topics that have been tackled by talented writers and film producers. Through their releases, they get across their own brand of personal commentary, targeting the hypocrisy and laughable elements that define humanity.

Techniques used to explore these areas include exaggeration, irony, humour or ridicule. Films use their characters to represent the issue at hand, often standing in for real life figures in a bid to expose and condemn them. Not every satirical production is completely on the nose with its targets, but they still make a major impression.

The following ten films were relentless in their bashing of modern culture and the problems that persist in society. If nothing else, they go beyond mere entertainment to deliver something that gets audiences thinking.


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