10 War Films That Were Basically Just Propaganda

What happens when you let a SEAL team make a movie?

Warner Bros.

Hollywood has manipulated you! I know, you’re shocked, dismayed, outraged. But, don’t worry. They have good reason to do it.

They want your money.

Ok, that’s not the only reason filmmakers manipulate you. Sometimes they want to push their political agenda. It’s been happening for decades. Often with the explicit help of governments, the military, or both!

Crazy right? It’s like rich and powerful people have decided to shape public discourse through the media...

One thing that's always hard to sell to the public is war, so governments often look to filmmakers to make war a little more fun and sexy. Sometimes a branch of the military, like the US Navy, will hire a director to churn out a two-hour long recruitment video.

And there are films where directors take it upon themselves to sell an unpopular war, like Vietnam. John Wayne tried this trick more than once. But, sometimes filmmakers crank out an effective piece of propaganda without even trying to.

At least one film on this list was meant to sell audiences on Armageddon. It won't be that bad, really. (As long as you get raptured.)

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