10 War Films Where The Villain Kills The Hero

9. Stalingrad (1993)

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It is not often at all that you see something historically evil be humanised in Hollywood. This is exactly what the 1993 release of Stalingrad did with the German army.

Stalingrad tells the story of a unit that is sent to fight on the Eastern Front in the city of Stalingrad against the Soviets in World War 2.

After being forced to commit an atrocity by gunning down innocent civilians (including a child), some members of the unit conclude that they must run away.

The trio of deserters - Witzland, GeGe and Reiser - miss the last plane back to Germany. As they ponder over what to do in their newfound despair, they are almost recaptured by their former platoon leader. They subdue him but GeGe is killed in the process.

With the Soviet army closing in, Witzland and Reiser link up with Russian deserter, Irina, as they attempt to escape on foot across the snowy expanses. Irina and Witzland are shot by pursuing soldiers, and Reiser freezes to death hunched over his comrade's corpse.

These men never wanted to be there.


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