10 Ways J.K. Rowling Has Ruined Harry Potter

Can we go back to the happy post-Deathly Hallows bubble please?

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J.K. Rowling has become an increasingly divisive figure over the past few years.

While still heralded as the queen of children's literature and a defining figure in the childhoods of millions, her days as a universally loved figure are long gone.

Between questionable choices regarding the mainstream continuation of the series, small but terrible pieces of extra information and her general behaviour on social media, her image is in tatters when compared to its height ten years ago.

The discourse surrounding Harry Potter and its related property has changed well and truly for the worse, and a lot of it is thanks to the personal conduct and oversharing of its creator.

It doesn't help that its sequel series Fantastic Beasts has taken a complete nosedive in terms of storytelling competence and general quality, indicating that the franchise is starting to outstay its welcome. And with three movies in the series still to come, it seems unlikely the problems will stop any time soon.

While it's always important for a public figure to flourish and express themselves outside of the restrictions set by their work from decades ago, Rowling certainly has questionable ways of going about it all.

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