10 Ways Star Trek 3 Could Fix The Franchise

New director hopefully means new vision.

In terms of the fabled €œgood film, bad film€ tradition of Star Trek, the third instalment in the rebooted series should be a good one. In truth though, it needs to be a whopper. The first J.J. Abrams movie did relatively well at walking the tightrope between being true to the original ethos and striding out on its own. The second instalment, however, was much more divisive with many fans feeling it had strayed too far from the characters of the crew. Others were frustrated at the constant references and the far too obvious tinkering with history. Oh, Kirk died and Spock screamed €œKhan!€, genius. Yet a whole new audience didn€™t care and were quite happy with the €œbang, bang, pew, pew€ nature of the film. With the 50th Anniversary in 2016 and Robert Orci originally taking over the directorial duties, expectations were high but guarded. John Cho recently claimed Orci€™s knowledge of Star Trek is unsurpassed, though many fans were concerned with his track record. But the news that Justin Lin of Fast and Furious fame is to direct in Orci€™s place after he recently pulled out will strike fear into the hearts of those who hoped for a more cerebral approach. There is a middle ground between making the next film more €œStar Trekkie€ and retaining the more visually appealing style of the last two films. Justin Lin may or may not be a fan of the franchise, but it is to be hoped that he will treat it with respect. Let€™s have a look at some points of interest that Mr Lin would do well to take note of.

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