10 Ways Successful Movies Had Their Reputations Ruined

9. The Wolverine

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine has a bad reputation, though it's absolutely deserved due to its portrayal of Wade Wilson alone. Its sequel, The Wolverine, also has a bad reputation, which is decidedly underserved, as this highly successful movie deserves more attention.

The film's bad reputation mostly stems from its problematic third act, which wasn't the best, but it wasn't as bad as most remember. Up to that point, the film delved deep into Wolverine's backstory, making it more of a noir-type analysis of the character, who was largely de-powered throughout the film.

This was a Wolverine movie without the Wolverine most people recognize, and it featured another brilliant performance by Hugh Jackman. Seriously, the man was born to play Logan, and that's part of the problem. This film is sandwiched between a really crappy one and a phenomenal film everyone loved: Logan.

In terms of success, The Wolverine managed to pull in four times its budget, making it financially successful. It was also a critical success and has a 71% "Fresh" rating on RottenTomatoes.

The Wolverine wasn't perfect, but it wasn't nearly as bad as most people seem to think, which is why it deserves a re-watch and a re-evaluation.


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