10 Ways The DC Extended Universe Could End

Doomsday for the DCEU.

Warner Bros.

The struggles of the franchise unofficially known as the DC Extended Universe were well documented before Justice League divided critics, but in the wake of Zack Snyder's polarising superhero mash-up, its long-term future is more clouded than ever.

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were joyless and ill-advised exercises in character deconstruction, Suicide Squad was a brash mess of studio interference, and Justice League was generic, tonally imbalanced, and nowhere near long enough.

Wonder Woman remains the only film in the series to hit that sweet spot between critical acclaim and mega box office bucks, and you can bet Warner Bros and DC aren't happy with a return of one unequivocal hit out of five.

With this in mind, the studios have no doubt discussed where the DCEU is heading and how it might come to an end. Based on the fortunes of most of its films, that might even be sooner rather than later.

There are many ways the series could be wrapped up, from adapting a universe-shattering storyline from the DC Comics vault, to simply calling time on the project. Here are some of the options on offer to DC and Warner.


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