10 Ways The DCEU Will Change Without Zack Snyder

A new, brighter era is coming...

Zack Snyder DCEU
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A new day is dawning for the DCEU. After Joss Whedon initially seemed to be stepping into the breech to allow Zack Snyder much-needed personal time and a break from his schedule, it seems the incoming director is being shaped as the keystone to the franchise's future.

He is apparently a key component of the new brain trust - joined by Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins and Matt Reeves - that will shape DC's upcoming slate of movies creatively, while Zack and Deborah Snyder will both be taking back-seats. That might not be entirely unexpected, but it's still huge.

Snyder's finger-prints are all over the DCEU blue-print. He's always been presented as DC's version of Kevin Feige, with his ideas driving the franchise's engine, and a wholesale change at the creative table suggests that the shared universe is going to undergo some pretty serious changes. Hopefully, they'll all be for the better in the long term, but Snyder fans will no doubt be upset about the prospect.

But how will the DCEU look without him?

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