10 Ways William Shatner Can Play Kirk Again In Star Trek 3

How do you solve the problem of a dead James T. Kirk?

At Destination Star Trek London this past weekend, William Shatner was understandably pressed on the subject of whether he will be resurrected as James T. Kirk in the forthcoming Star Trek 3. He said he had received a message from JJ Abrams asking him if he's interested and he confirmed he was interested as long as the script was right. He was told by Abrams to keep quiet about it but to Shatner's surprise, the news was all over the internet the following day. Abrams sent Shatner another message, sarcastically ''thanking'' him for not spoiling the news but Shatner stood firm that he had nothing to do with the story leaking on the internet. Star Trek 3 is being released in 2016 which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and while some fans might be split on the idea of including Shatner in the new movie, there is probably no better way of giving a nod to the enduring legacy of Star Trek than by having the original Kirk and Spock on screen one last time. At the very least, the rumor mill about Shatner appearing in the movie has started to create a buzz about the new film. So much so that an innocent tweet from Shatner informing his followers that he's ''baaaaccckk!!!'' in LA was misconstrued as conformation that he's back as Kirk. Shatner has always stated that the biggest problem with him making an appearance in the JJ Abrams timeline is that he was killed off in Star Trek: Generations. How do you bring Kirk back to life and explain him looking 20 years older since you last saw him? According to Badass Digest, the idea being floated is to have new Kirk and Spock meet their future selves in a scene that will include Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, that way eliminating the need to think of a way to bring the original Kirk back from the dead. But that would go against what Shatner has said in the past that he will not appear in any of the movies if the role is nothing more than a glorified cameo. However, that attitude may have changed and we will have to wait and see. So how do you solve the problem of bringing the original Kirk back to life and inserting him in a movie that happens to be set in the past and in an alternative timeline? Here are 10 possible ways to do it and as Mr. Spock is apparently fond of saying,
'I like to think there always are... possibilities.'

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