10 Weird Jobs Hollywood Stars Had Before They Were Famous

Imagining Christopher Walken taming lions isn't that difficult...

When you take a look at Hollywood stars it's tempting to assume that they've been used to a life of luxury from an early age - after all, they wear the suits and fancy dresses effortlessly and seem to exude glamour as if it was something they were born with. While there are some megastars who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths (a number of the hottest British actors currently lighting up the silver screen come from aristocratic backgrounds), many of them started out in life taking on any jobs they could to earn a living while aspiring to make it big in Hollywood. Perhaps the most common job you hear about A-list stars having before they made it big is one working in hospitality, serving drinks and food to the rich and famous as they dream of joining the elite Hollywood throngs. Thousands of budding stars rely on tips to get by, but only a few end up hitting the big time and breaking into movies. But sometimes they take on jobs which are a little more unusual, to say the least. The following list takes a look at the weird jobs taken on by ten Hollywood stars before they were famous, proving that even the strangest lines of employment can eventually lead to great things.
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