10 Weird Rules That Only Ever Work In TV & Movies

Oh my god that's so realistic!

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When we settle in to watch a movie or binge watch a show, we have to remember to consciously separate some elements of reality from the entertainment. We sometimes forget we're watching something fictional on screen and can find ourselves slapping our foreheads and exclaiming "but that doesn't happen in real life!"

Whether we're watching a gritty crime drama or a bombastic action thriller set in space, the formula remains the same. So in order for characters to do what they do and for the story to go down a certain path we have to suspend our disbelief and agree that some decisions and actions only make sense in movie-world.

The reason why slasher victims run around the house instead of outside as the killer stalks them is because movie rules dictate we've got another 90 minutes of film and there's still three more teenagers to kill. The reason why the bad guy ties the hero up next to a bomb with a long fuse instead of shooting them there and then is because we still have to have the climactic fight on a rooftop.

But outside of Deus Ex Machina, poor decision-making or even sheer dumb luck for our protagonists, we tend to not pick up on subtle glaring holes that just don't happen in the real world.

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