10 Weird Secrets Behind Tim Burton Movies

Just when you thought these movies couldn't get any weirder.

Batman Returns
Warner Bros.

There are many directors who create films that have their own personal flare. The likes of Quentin Tarantino and his hyper-stylized violence or Wes Anderson for his distinct colour palette and visual symmetry come to mind. However, one man has left an unmistakable, dark, twisted path full of mystery that draws people in further with each release: Tim Burton.

Over the course of 17 films, starting with 1985′s Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Burton has created an instantly recognisable collection of movies full of bizarre loner characters, quirky production design, and an obsession with the macabre.

Coming from an art and animation background, the first thing you’ll notice in Burton’s films is a strict adherence to gothic colour palettes, production design, and costume design. The fine attention to detail is everywhere though, and it’s time to delve into his strange and unusual films to uncover some spine- chilling secrets you had no idea existed.


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