10 Weirdest Ever Cameos In Batman Movies

Joffrey is actually young Robin. WTF!?

batman forever
Warner Bros.

Batman movies are big business in Hollywood, obviously, and as a result, just about everyone and their uncle wants to get in on the action.

That's why, in addition to attracting A-list talent to lead roles across the Caped Crusader's various big-screen iterations, Batman on film has also seen celebrities begging their way into distracting cameo roles, and over-qualified actors simply being happy to show up for a single, solitary scene.

From the lows of the Joel Schumacher movies to the highs of the Christopher Nolan years, Batman has never been a stranger to shoe-horning weird and wonderful cameos into the mix, from the cringe-worthy to the awesome.

These 10 cameos, by far the most peculiar and unexpected of the lot, promptly obliterated the audience's immersion - both for better and for worse, for awesome and awful.

And with Matt Reeves' The Batman set to start shooting early next year, who should fans expect to see making a navel-gazing cameo? But first, here are the most WTF-worthy Batman movie cameos we've had so far...


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