10 Weirdest Things Actors Were Cast As

These actors took to our screens in the weirdest of ways...

antichrist willem dafoe
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Whether they've been plying their trade in show business for several decades or just dipping their toes in the performance waters, just about every actor working today will confess to loving the idea of challenging themselves as a thespian.

For some this can come in the form of stepping into a deeply challenging, layered, and often pulsating personality for a feature that is sure to capture the imagination of both general audiences and critics alike. Whereas others find that very same thrill and rush in simply offering their name and abilities to some downright outrageous characters.

With that in mind, it's time to shine a spotlight on those movie and TV roles that, while wholeheartedly unexpected and often massively barmy, still take up a notable place on each of the following star's CV.

From lending their voices to some of the most hilariously odd animated bathroom accessories to being drafted in as a straight-up d*ck, each of the following actors all played their part in some of the most shocking, side-splitting, and all-out ridiculous performances ever to grace a screen... for better or worse.

10. Horst Baron Steps In Because Willem Dafoe's Penis Is Too "Enormous" - Antichrist

antichrist willem dafoe
Artificial Eye/IFC Films

Keeping in the vein of the darker side of the film and TV-making world, Lars Von Trier's Antichrist sees Willem Dafoe's He embroiled in a rather freakish and deeply unnerving sexual exchange with Charlotte Gainsbourg's She at one point in the largely experimental horror flick.

And though the scene itself can undoubtedly be classed as one of the weirdest back-and-forth's you're ever likely to see pop up on a television screen, a piece of casting that went into bringing it to life is arguably even stranger still... mostly due to the reasons behind it coming into play.

With Dafoe himself offering to strip down and show himself off completely for the moment, Von Trier was forced to inform his actor that he just could not allow him to appear fully in the buff for the moment in question. Simply put; his junk was "too big" for the film.

As the director would explain, he had to pull the plug on Dafoe's dude being seen "because everybody got very confused when they saw it", opting for porn star Horst Baron to step in for the moment where he disturbingly ejaculates blood in the feature instead. Lovely.

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