10 Weirdest Times Films Broke The Fourth Wall

9. The Wall - The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad!

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A series of comedy films based on the television series Police Squad!, The Naked Gun is a spoof on all things spy movie in the most silly way possible. With Seargent Frank Drebin in charge and solving crimes completely by accident each time he's involved, all the iterations of the series are fairly ridiculous, full of puns and visual tomfoolery to match its lead characters.

The first movie in The Naked Gun series embodies this wholeheartedly, with one such fourth wall breaking moment remarkable for its absolute lack of subtlety. Moving between rooms on a set, instead of taking the door, a character chooses to walk around the edge of the set facing the camera. It's such a small moment, but it's enough to make you double take pretty sharpish.

This is a gag they've used more than once, but still remains brilliant for its simplicity in reminding us we're watching a movie. A stupid one at that.

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