10 Weirdest Virtual Reality Horror Movies

9. Brainstorm

The Cell

Brainstorm is a 1980s sci-fi thriller centring around a technology that allows people to enter the minds of others. Because virtual reality was in its infancy during this era, you'd assume this film would ease viewers into the concept gently to help them digest the complex storyline.

However, Brainstorm isn't afraid to explore many scenarios which the average moviegoer at the time had never given a second thought to. What happens if you enter the mind of someone while they divulge governmental secrets? What happens if you experience someone else's death? Brainstorm may not scare you like a conventional horror, but scenes like this are sure to leave you rattled.

Even though most films of this decade struggled to showcase virtual reality with convincing special effects, the visuals in Brainstorm are surprisingly impressive (and pretty trippy).

Due to the sudden death of the lead actress, Natalie Wood, the studio tried to kill the film, which is why few people have seen or heard of Brainstorm. This is a pity, since this underrated gem has plenty of ideas that are intriguing, innovative, and genuinely frightening.


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