10 Women Who Should Be The Next James Bond

Because face it, it would be brilliant.

Spectre Moneypenny
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The notion of the female Bond probably goes back decades, but the first time its really sat on anybody's lips with any weight or purpose is very, very recently. Daniel Craig reckons he's finished with it, and after trying to go Bourne-light the franchise is in desperate need of yet another reinvent. Chances are that'll be in terms of style, tone or message, but in 2016 there's absolutely no reason it can't do something considerably more drastic.

Putting aside the inevitable YouTube down-votes and impassioned Facebook posts from men who've worn trilbies in nightclubs, a female Bond is a great idea. It makes a massive statement, completely invigorates the entire action genre, and opens the franchise up to more than just Top Gear fans who ask for the same aftershave every Christmas. Fret not, the internet, you can still have your scenes of unreasonable violence, convoluted dialogue, and intercourse with a character whose name is a pun about sex organs; being a woman is not a deal-breaker for any of the true Bond staples.

In Goldeneye they let a woman be his boss. In Skyfall they let him sort of flirt with Javier Bardem for 30 seconds. So casting a penis-less 007 is the next logical step for a character that has never been afraid to push cinematic gender conventions straight over a cliff. If we can have female motorists and female Ghostbusters, it's about time we had a female Bond.

Plus, when taking a look at the current pool of professionals available, it's more than arguable that there are much better candidates for a Jane than there are for a James. Including, but not limited to, these notable talents...

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