10 Worst Accidental Deaths In Horror Movies

Nobody deserves to go out like this.

Hereditary Charlie Dead

Death is more commonplace in horror than just about any other movie genre, because let's face it - what's more horrifying than death?

It's something we're all destined to face one day, and horror movies are often said to mediate our own existential angst and curiosity about what may (or may not) lie beyond.

Given that most horror movies center around an antagonistic, murderous force preying on a group of unprepared victims, it's fair to say that most of these deaths are aggressively pointed and completely intentional.

But accidents happen, especially in the midst of chaotic life-or-death situations, and so the horror genre certainly isn't without its share of characters who met their end through tragically unexpected means.

In many cases accidental death is actually scarier than murder at the hands of a fictional boogeyman, because it's rooted in a greater sense of plausibility, that something like this could actually happen on any given day of our lives.

Granted, some of these accidental deaths are certainly more realistic than others, but each nevertheless dealt a truly horrifying demise to a character who typically didn't deserve it...

10. Tim Carpenter - Final Destination 2

Hereditary Charlie Dead
New Line Cinema

While it's fair to say that all of the elaborate death scenes in the Final Destination franchise are technically the result of Death manipulating events, to any rational mind they are indeed accidents - albeit freak, highly improbable ones.

It's tough to pick just one, but arguably the most nauseating of the entire series is the fate of Tim Carpenter (James Kirk) in Final Destination 2.

After surviving a trip to the dentist filled with near-death red herrings, Tim's demise comes when he and his mother leave the office and he notices a flock of pigeons nearby.

Tim runs over to the pigeons, causing them to fly into the air and past a construction worker who is operating a crane.

This makes the worker accidentally hit the release lever on the crane, causing a gigantic sheet of glass to fall from the sky, which lands on Tim and instantly crushes him into a bloody mess. All in front of his poor mother, no less.

Between the creativity of the kill, its faint plausibility (for Final Destination standards), and the utter gnarliness of the gore, this is an all-timer accidental death.

Fun fact: if you're wondering why a teenage boy is acting like a toddler and running up to pigeons in order to scare them, it's because Tim was originally written to be much younger, but it was decided that even Final Destination fans wouldn't want to see a child get pulped.


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