10 Worst Directing Decisions In Comic Book Movies

Those facepalm-inducing moments that someone really should have gotten the sack for.

We all have them: those moments in movies that just epitomise exactly why the film isn't working, or which - worse still - ruin a film that was doing perfectly fine on its own before the talking animal sidekick got introduced or the troubled lead's kindly parents got murdered by the British assassin. Some audiences can let them go, but when it comes to films based on comics properties the fans tend to be far more scrutinising and critical. It's the kind of moment that just screams to the audience, "I don't understand these characters/this story/I just want to make you tear your hair out and yell while I bathe in money!" The thing is that the viewers know exactly who to blame and it is invariably the person who gets their name first at the end credits. After all, every single brush stroke that ends up on screen has been given the green light by the director (minus some occasional studio meddling) - which is why most are so happy to add their name to the product. Blue spandex or red? Crippled orphan buddy or trusty, optimistic dog? A supervillain who fires green or blue flames from his nose? All the kind of questions the director of a comic movie gets faced with on a daily basis on his or her set. So now that you know exactly who to blame, let's take a look at 10 of the most egregious crimes committed by comic book filmmakers in the name of their art...

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