10 Worst MCU Movie Posters (So Far)

For millions of dollars, you'd think they'd have something better up their sleeves.

Marvel Studios

Poster designs are crucial. Much like the classic "don't judge a book by its cover" which often goes ignored, an excellent movie poster can immediately capture an audience it perhaps wouldn't otherwise attract.

Often, you'll find smaller indie movies testing the limits of what a movie poster can be, drawing in as many people as possible with their unique, intriguing designs.

Blockbusters, however, have a different agenda. With all those A-listers names and company logos to fit onto one design, the urge to just slap a bunch of famous peoples' faces onto one is often too much to resist.

Despite being two of the biggest production partners in the world, Disney and Marvel have fallen victim to this pitfall too many times, as well as just exhibiting general questionable photoshop choices.

With some of the most talented artists and biggest marketing budgets at their disposal, some of the posters we've seen over the years have been unforgivably abysmal.

10. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sony Pictures

Without a doubt the worst poster Marvel has ever released, the official North American theatrical poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming is absolutely atrocious.

Not only do all the different directions the characters are looking in give you whiplash by trying to keep up, but the actual pictures of the actors themselves are laughably bad.

The fact that there are two Spider-Mans, two Iron Mans and two Vultures in a single poster is ridiculous, and the shoehorned random snapshots of MJ (and just look at that awful lighting outline around her hair), Aunt May and Happy make it look so scatterbrained.

Fortunately for Homecoming, the solo posters that only feature Spidey are good enough to warrant that this one never ever ever has to be used ever again. Good luck finding a single online movie database that uses this official poster rather than a teaser or character poster because there aren't any. It's just that bad.


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