10 Worst Movie Mistakes Of 2021 (So Far)

9. Harp's Impossible Record - Outside The Wire

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Even though movie flubs can be annoying, they're pretty much unavoidable. Since a director has to monitor a thousand things on the production, it's easy for a minor continuity error or badly edited shot to slip in. However, it's annoying when a mistake creeps in that could've been fixed with a basic understanding of maths.

In Outside the Wire, a solider called Lt. Harp teams up with an experimental android to fight in a war. To emphasise how Harp is the best of the best, we're told he has trained with UAV drones for a total of 56,000 hours.

There's just one problem. That is impossible.

A pilot in the US military is able to fly a drone for up to 1,800 hours annually. There's no way Harp could do that unless he trained with drones every day without exception... for 31 years straight.

Also, Harp is 30 years old?! This means that, according to the script, he's been training with drones longer than he has been alive!!

Obviously, this line was written to prove how qualified Harp is but it doesn't change the fact it's mathematically impossible.


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