10 Worst Movie Trailers Of All Time

The movie trailer is probably the most important facet of a studio's marketing campaign, given that it's the thing most likely to convince someone to part with their hard-earned cash to go sit in the cinema for 2 hours. More so than a poster, it at the best of times will give us an inkling into the tone of the film, as well as the general premise, players, and some of the action/comedy/horror we're likely to see. Either out of desperation or misplaced enthusiasm, though, some trailers give away too much, misappropriate the tone of the film, or lavish it with overt praise from a source which cannot be entirely discerned. These trailers actually made us want to watch each film less - except perhaps in the case of the #1 film - even though a couple of them are actually pretty good films. Here are the 10 worst movie trailers of all time.

10. Jack and Jill

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qKSAvNOIaNo Granted, we know what we're getting with an Adam Sandler film; it's going to be dumb as anything, but also make loads of money because, strangely enough, his trailers apparently seem to entice people to go see these films. Even the most ardent Sandler fan would surely be dismayed by the trailer for his execrable "comedy" Jack and Jill, which is so ludicrous many audiences simply thought that it was "that joke movie from South Park", and not an actual Sandler project. With Sandler donning a wig to essentially play a female version of himself - obnoxious, loud, lame-brained, but with boobs - while A-listers like Al Pacino act opposite him, trying to pretend they're unaware, it's a movie that veers so close to self-parody we wouldn't be surprised if Sandler was just intentionally feeding our disdain for him. It's as though Sandler was in the pub with some friends and one of them bet that he couldn't make a box office success out of the most idiotic concept possible, because that's exactly what he did here. The above George C. Scott parody video really expresses every possible emotion you'll have while watching the trailer, but at least we can't believe Sandler can sink lower than this.
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