10 Worst Movies By The Best Directors

These directors could do no wrong... until they did.

Steven Spielberg 1941
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There are some filmmakers synonymous with greatness. Ridley Scott. Francis Ford Coppola. Quentin Tarantino. Because of the lasting impact and influence of their work, it's easy to believe they are incapable of producing anything except a masterpiece.

But we must remember that these people, despite their talent, are only human. Every now and again, they'll put out a blockbuster, slasher, or a drama that's less than stellar.

Now, it may seem harsh to criticise a director when they occasionally drop the ball. After all, the process of making any movie is so mindbogglingly complex, it's a minor miracle any time they turn out well. And when you've made as many features as Alfred Hitchcock or Steven Spielberg, you can't expect to knock it out of the park every time.

But there are some movies that are so abysmal, it's like the director wasn't even trying. When a film is swamped with amateur actors, unfinished special effects, and woeful dialogue, you have difficulty accepting that it was crafted by an esteemed auteur. Even though it's hard to make a movie, it's harder to believe this was the best that these directors could pull off.

10. Noah – Darren Aronosky

Steven Spielberg 1941
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After releasing Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, and Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky was set to be the next big thing.

But after Noah hit theatres, that potential came tumbling down. What's really frustrating about this dud is how there are so many magnificent moments trapped inside it. The cast are phenomenal. The visuals for the angels, the Serpent, and the Garden of Eden cannot be faulted. The story of how God's servants fell from heaven is beautifully tragic. Noah's explanation on how the universe was created is one of the most magnificent moments in any of Aronofsky's work.

So, what's the problem? Although it was never going to be easy to create a live-action movie based on the most famous story in the Old Testament, Aronofsky added some elements that were... dumb. As soon as the movie begins, rock monsters called The Watchers are introduced. Because these creatures weren't in any promos, many viewers thought they were watching the wrong movie at first.

Also, these rock giants don't just pop up briefly. They are fundamental to the plot. In fact, they help Noah build his Ark. But because these... things look so out of place, you wonder why they were included.

Another decision that did this Biblical retelling no favours is depicting Noah as unjustifiably cruel. Although we're meant to be rooting for this guy, that's impossible after watching him leaving innocent women to die and trying to murder his newborn grandchild. Even though he eventually comes to his senses, it makes you lose all respect for our supposed hero.


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