10 Worst Sci-Fi Movie Prequels

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The Thing Prequel
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If movie sequels are the lifeblood that keep the wheels of Hollywood turning, prequels are often what happens when studios run out of other good ideas.

Now, that isn't to rubbish all prequels by any means, because in the sci-fi genre alone the likes of Star Trek '09, X-Men: First Class, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes have certainly proven the potential for greatness.

But more often than not, prequels end up feeling less-than compared to what came before, typically just rehashing what worked the first time for a new generation or demystifying elements of the mythology which never actually needed explaining.

Then there are these 10 sci-fi movie prequels, all of which did a sure disservice to their respective IP, whether actively dirtying the established lore, failing to deliver what audiences expected, or just lazily remaking what fans have already paid money for.

Needless to say, if you're planning a marathon of these movie franchises, don't feel obliged to watch these prequels, because there's little in the way of quality filmmaking waiting for you...

10. The Thing (2011)

The Thing Prequel
Universal Pictures

The fact that this 2011 prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror classic The Thing literally recycles the same title without variation speaks to just how unimaginative, even pointless a movie it is.

The Thing 2011 attempts to provide a compelling lead-in to the events of its 1982 predecessor, but ultimately feels more like a lazy, warmed-over remake than a prequel with anything new to add to the mythos.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead at least makes for a compelling heroine, but even a basic level of visceral enjoyment is ruined by Universal deciding that the originally shot practical effects had to be painted over in post-production with garish, unconvincing CGI.

As a result, the prequel is not unlike the titular shapeshifter itself - a shambling, grotesque abomination trying to pass itself off as something it isn't.

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