10 Worst Slasher Movie Reboots Ever Made

The true victims in these movies are the viewers who were bored to death.

Halloween II F U

These days, Hollywood constantly pumps out new remakes and reboots, looking to introduce a new wave of audiences to the stories and characters of yesteryear, while playing to the nostalgia of those who were there for the initial experience.

They have established brands and they know they pull audiences in, so why not churn them back out? Such is the way of consumerism. But a brand's existing strength is nothing without quality, and like with anything, some of these reboots are good, and some are awful.

One genre of film that seems to have gotten special attention from this trend is the horror film, which seem to be remade more than any other. These have ranged from the wonderful 2013 remake of Evil Dead to 2015's awful rendition of Poltergeist. Still at least there's balance on both sides of the force.

On the other hand, the slasher film sub-genre specifically has not fared quite as well, with the bad significantly outweighing the good and the good being passable at best. And yet still - mostly because slasher villains are pop culture icons (which means dirty cash) - Hollywood was more than prepared to cash in on them.

Of all the slasher reboots released over the last number of years, these are the ten that can easily be called the worst.

10. House Of Wax (2005)

Halloween II F U
Dark Castle

2005's House of Wax is a bad film, plain and simple. The only reason it ranks so low here is that in addition to being really bad, it is really forgettable. In fact, this list is likely the first time anyone has drawn any sort of attention to this movie in some time now.

This rehash of the 1953 Vincent Price film is a remake in name and name alone, carrying over virtually nothing from the source material, including the intrigue. While far from iconic, Vincent Price's House of Wax was an incredibly creative movie. Creativity being something completely lost on this reboot.

This film is one of the single most generic, boring horror stories you could possibly imagine. None of the characters are even remotely interesting or likeable, and exist for no other reason than to die. Not only that, but all of this happens in the most formulaic and predictable way possible.

It fails as both a remake and a standalone film to a staggering degree, and 2005's House of Wax is best left as the boring, thankfully fading memory it is.


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