10 Worst Superhero Movies Of The 21st Century

9. Dark Phoenix (2019)

Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance

Following the story of X-Men heroine, Phoenix (Sophie Turner), unlocking a more intense concentration of her powers, this is possibly the most pointless superhero film ever made.

The entire premise, plot and point of Dark Phoenix is completely undermined by the existence of X-Men: The Last Stand. The X-Men franchise has frequently come under fire from plot holes and continuity errors, leaving its storylines riddled with holes. The seemingly lazy and unrevised approach to the writing process of these films means these errors are in the open for all to see, but Dark Phoenix is surely among the worst.

Phoenix discovers her ‘dark’ powers despite having already exhibited them in previous films. Both X-Men: The Last Stand and Days of Future Past contradict this, but don’t let a blatant spot of continuity failings get in the way of your storyline, right? Just as it hits the bottom of the barrel, Dark Phoenix manages to bore through the wooden base and bury itself into the ground thanks to an obviously re-shot ending.

Initially meant to be shot in a space setting, the ending sequence had to be relocated partly thanks to there being too much crossover with Captain Marvel, apparently. This meant the grand finale scene was demoted by a monumental scale and ended up taking place on a train instead. The simply saddening end product was a box office flop and widely considered one of 2019’s most disappointing releases.


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