10 Worst Times Movie Actors Were Combined With CGI

10. Geoffrey Rush - Gods Of Egypt

Summit Entertainment

Gods Of Egypt cost $140 million to produce, yet somehow, it managed to look and feel like its own cheap porn parody.

Everything is so glossy and clean, lacking the grit and grime of real-world locations, and this makes all the green-screen-fakery stick out like a sore thumb alongside the real actors parading across the screen. It's another case of "the Phantom Menace effect" - surrounding real actors with excessive CGI is a technique that makes everything look absurd.

One of the worst offenders in that regard is Geoffrey Rush's Ra, the God Of Sun. Rush is a terrific actor and he really is trying his best, but when you're staring at what is essentially a floating head with a digital costume plastered underneath, it's nearly impossible to buy his performance.

The nicest thing you could say about Gods Of Egypt is that its effects would look pretty great in a PS3 game, with Ra as the final boss. But that's a bit of a back-handed compliment.


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