10 Wrestlers Who Deserve Biopics (And Who Should Play Them)

WWE biopics that must happen. Paul Giamatti as Paul Heyman, Nicolas Cage as The Undertaker! Pictures

The world of professional wrestling is full of some of the most outlandish characters ever seen on TV. As a business, it attracts eccentrics thanks in part to its flashy nature and high physical requirements. Because of this, the world of sports entertainment is a melting pot of drama, filled to the brim with potential storytelling in cinematic form.

Although there are many fantastic tales to be told - and many perfect actors to star in them - viewers haven't been given many wrestling biopics. Therefore as fans of the industry, it is our job to create hypothetical movies for ourselves and imagine how fantastic they would be.

The following entries would make for utterly compelling films and could give the movie business an entirely new perspective on the professional wrestling industry's harsh reality, whilst still being a tonne of fun.

A significant reason why these films would work is that the leading figures already have pitch-perfect casting choices that could make the movies viable. The entries coming up all discuss which actor that could be, and is likely to get fans everywhere dreaming of them becoming a reality.


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