10 WTF Creepy Stories About Famous Actors

Cries of incest, makeshift sex toys and weird confessional videos: it's all here.

Actors are a weird bunch. You can't exactly blame them, though; even if an actor is considered to be relatively "normal" before they became famous, the insanity of Hollywood and all its associated eccentricities would be enough to send anybody a little crazy. But whilst some actors manage to stay on the right side of weird for much of their careers, only acting questionably from time to time, there are some who have ventured into the dangerous realms of "creepy." That's right: they've done things that no right-minded human should have ever done - be it of the sexual, violent, stalky or downright bizarre variety. Some of these are only a tad creepy in their make-up, of course, whilst others will have you questioning why said actors haven't been hauled unceremoniously off to jail...
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