100 Greatest Action Movies of All Time

The Expendables 2 was without a doubt the biggest action star line up of all time. Of course that doesn't mean it will be the greatest action movie of all time but there is a certain amount of anticipation this time around. Yes, half the cast could quite easily be breaking hips instead of breaking necks, but the film is the only time we'll ever see Chuck Norris in the same movie as Van Damme, Arnie, Jet Li, Stallone and Bruce Willis. To celebrate the reunion of Chuck Norris and an assault rifle earlier this year, What Culture has compiled the ultimate list of action movies. A list so expansive that you will no doubt bitch and moan at every turn. A list that ironically doesn't feature The Expendables but does feature almost every guy in The Expendables 2. Before you delve into the realms of guns, bangs, high kicks and car chases please note that only 1 film per franchise has been permitted. So stellar action movie franchises such as Die Hard and Lethal Weapon will be represented by what we deem the best in the series. That goes for reboots too, sorry. Also, this list comprises of films that contain awesome action scenes, not just straight up action movies. Martial arts films, adventure movies and even kids movies feature here as there are moments of action film making at its finest. While the films in this list are ranked, the rankings should be considered loose at best. As usual, the internet will disagree with our choices and our rankings. So please fill us in on how wrong we are in the comments section bellow. Please note: The main core of this article was written by Ed Moorhouse but also has some additional writing from Stuart Bedford, who also finalised the order....
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