11 Actors Who Literally Never Act

For these Hollywood stars, totally judge the books (movies) by their cover.

Jason Statham
Warner Bros.

Typecasting is a major part of Hollywood. It's no one's fault really, it's just easier that way. When a casting director needs a nerdy, awkward leading man...call Michael Cera! When Brad Pitt is ready for his next role, he searches scripts for food scenes. There's also something comforting for us as an audience, knowing what to expect. When you go to a Seth Rogan movie, you know you're probably getting a stoner-comedy.

But sometimes, we also like to see actors break away from expectations. Many actors have done this to varying degrees of success. Brad Pitt was definitely not pretty in Kalifornia. There wasn't a hint of zany, rubber-faced antics from Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine. Charlize Theron was legit scary in Monster.

The actors on this list however, they are giving us the same performance every time. Now, I'm not saying they are bad nor are they all terrible actors even. They're just not doing anything different at this point, just showing up and reading lines. No one is breaking the mold here.

11. Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Quick get me an action star! I'm looking for white, balding, badass, likeable, but definitely doesn't have time for your s**t. Bruce Willis? No, I want someone younger, who will try a little bit...and British!

Give me Jason Statham! The henchmen, the driver, the guy that can still charm his way out of a situation. He's always going to keep his cool and be fearless with a gun in his hand. He's out for revenge: against a warden, a gang of criminals, anyone that killed his brother, or even a giant shark.

He never changes his accent or physique. His demeanor always set to angry, focused, or angrily-focused. Snatch might be the most he's stretched as his character, Turkish, isn't the badass of the film and relies more on his wit and luck over his brawn.


A humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate