11 Best Things The MCU Did Differently To The Comics

How to make Civil War genuinely interesting? Add some depth.

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Since being introduced in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short) has been adapting storylines from the pages of Marvel Comics, some famous, others not so much. Either way, like most adaptations things have to change, and while it's fair to say that not every change has worked for the better, some undoubtedly have - so much so that they've even gone on to influence the comics themselves.

With alterations to key storylines, costumes, and even characters themselves, it's fair to say that, while the MCU owes a great debt to Marvel Comics, it has also managed to build a lore all of its own, taking into account dozens of different interpretations to impart a definitive image of the House of Ideas in a way no other adaptation really has.

Its achievements go without saying, really, and though nothing can truly compare with the source material itself, it's worth pointing out those occasions where the MCU managed to genuinely innovate on a premise, character, or something else entirely.

They may have gone unnoticed at first, but when you look back on over ten years worth of cinematic history, it’s easy to find examples of where the MCU changed comics for the better.

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