11 Common Movie Tropes That Would Actually Ruin Your Life

Hollywood: Where CPR is magic and physics don't exist.

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Although it feels as though after an eight hour marathon of Grey's Anatomy, you'd probably be able to muddle your way through complex brain surgery, it's worth remembering that the worlds of TV and film are probably not, in reality, the best educational tools.

Because Movieland has to be much more exciting that boring old real life, writers and directors take a lot of liberties with the laws of nature, physics and common sense and, in the process, dole out some pretty terrible life advice. Sometimes you can see why (who really wants to watch a realistic 12 hour labour?), but sometimes you have to wonder whether they're just messing with us.

Given that a fair amount of this, er, artistic license comes into play is life or death situations,we could all benefit from sorting the fact from the fiction - just in case you ever have to administer CPR, give birth or stick a super-cool landing from a very high place.

If you were to do any of these things, and more, the way they do them in the movies you would probably end up maiming or killing either yourself or somebody else and, what's worse, you'd look like a darned fool too.


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