11 Common Movie Tropes That Would Actually Ruin Your Life

8. Rush To Hospital The Moment Your Waters Break

katherine heigl giving birth knocked up
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Contrary to popular Hollywood belief, childbirth is not quite the emergency people seem to think it is.

Whilst every birth is different, a broken water or even a contraction does not always mean that you need to embark on a high-speed dash to the hospital.

Despite the fact that "My water just broke" is movie shorthand for "Sh*ts about to get real", only 10% of women have their water break before they are in pretty serious labour. Alternatively, it can break hours or even days before labour.

For first time mothers, labour will last an average of 18 hours and if you leap into a car and drive recklessly to the hospital at the first hint of a contraction, you're probably just going to be sent home again.

During early labour, many women simply carry on with their day, and it is even recommended that you watch a movie, meditate or even bake during this time - but perhaps that's less dramatic than most directors were hoping.


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