11 Horror Movie Hotels That You Do Not Want To Stay In

From The Shining to Hostel, when it comes to these horrifying hotels, checkout is never coming.

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After a terrifyingly long lockdown, it is finally time to get back out into the world and book yourself a staycation!

We've all been dreaming of a city break away, a beach B&B or a trip to the countryside. And after staring at the same four walls for roughly over a year, it's safe to say we'd all pretty much accept an invitation to anywhere right about now.

But be warned, not every hotel has a delicious continental breakfast, pillow chocolates and complementary soaps. No, some hotels have bug problems, dirty sheets or maybe even a noisy neighbour next door.

None of that can compare to the hotels on this list, for these hotels are the holiday locations from hell. You'd be lucky in these venues to find a bug on your bed or mud coming out of your taps. In these hotels you'll be finding knives under the sheets and blood dripping steadily from the faucets, and despite what the manager may say, they're not there for the ambience.

So whether you're looking for some downtime away from your lockdown partner or a relaxing trip to the coast with the family, use this list as an indicator for where NOT to check in to.

11. Pinewood Motel - Vacancy

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The story of a young couple breaking down on the side of the road and having to stay the night in a suspicious motel, only to never leave, is one we've all told around a campfire. So when the movie Vacancy came out, people thought they knew what they were getting into.

Boy were they wrong. The story starts the way you would expect, a young couple on the brink of divorce are driving late one night down a dark road, when suddenly their car breaks down. And the only place for them to go is a creepy motel.

But the motel is just a front. The guests are just toys to the motel manager, and he likes to play games. Set up in the room is an old fashioned tv, and atop of the tv are some tapes. Enter the guests. With nothing to do in the room but take a grubby shower, guests are naturally drawn to the video tapes. And what at first seems to be a weird horror movie, turns out to be a series of snuff films made in that exact room.

From there the manager and his cronies play mind games with the occupants, maliciously playing with their food before they intend to eat. All of this is recorded on hidden cameras placed all around the room, and then sold to mysterious buyers. Could you last the night?

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