11 Incredibly Successful Movies (That Shockingly Made No Profit)

10. Rain Man


Rain Man was the highest grossing movie of 1988, with $354.8 million earned worldwide ($172.8 million domestically), on a budget of $25 least, that's what Box Office Mojo says.

However, according to the American Film Institute - citing a report from The Hollywood Reporter dated August 31, 1992 - Rain Man actually failed to make a profit, and had a net deficit of $30 million.

At the time of the report, the film had cumulatively grossed over $228 million. However, distribution fees and expenses reported by United Artists had reached nearly $134 million, with gross participations costing over $77.5 million. Overall, total production costs amounted to $45.87 million.

All in all, the movie didn't make enough money to break even from these expenses, so even though it made a lot of money at the box office, it didn't see any profit.


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