11 Minor Changes That Stopped Famous Movies From Sucking

The Terminator Dog When it comes to movie making, thousands and thousands of individual decisions must be made before a finished product reaches us in the cinema. This goes for any movie, good or bad, though good movies usually emerge as such because the people calling the shots were able to make the right decisions when it counted most. Or, at least, they were able to change or tweak or disregard something awful at a point when it really mattered - if not, things could've been real different. As was the cases of the 11 movies I've assembled here, in fact, all of which were subjected to a few minor changes before we actually got around to seeing them. Small as these changes might seem in retrospect, they were crucial in helping these flicks in becoming as famous or iconic as they are today - had certain adjustments not been made in time (or at all), we might have found ourselves looking at these motion pictures in a completely different light. As in: a really bad one. The lesson? Embrace change, because - as you'll find out from some of the entries on this list - foul-mouthed dwarfs and robot dogs don't belong in every movie (as awesome as that sounds).

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